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Homeowner’s and Flood
Insurance in Belle Chasse, Louisiana

Derek Bowles, owner of Bowles Insurance Agency, is a resident of Belle Chasse, Louisiana, along with his wife and children. As a Belle Chasse homeowner, Derek is committed to the future of the community and provides homeowner's and flood insurance coverage to many other Belle Chasse homeowners.

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Bowles Insurance Agency saves Belle Chasse homeowners money on their homeowner's insurance!

Are you are a Belle Chasse Homeowner and Tired of 3% to 5% Wind/Hail Deductibles?
Bowles Insurance Agency has the ability to offer Belle Chasse homeowners a flat $1,000 deductible in lieu of 3% to 5% Wind/Hail or Named Storm Deductibles!

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Belle Chasse Homeowners!
If you are a homeowner in Belle Chasse, you may have neighbors who insure their homes through Derek Bowles. Derek's insurance agency (Bowles & Associates, Inc) is conveniently located at 2804 Belle Chasse Hwy. in Gretna, Louisiana. The next time you are traveling down the Belle Chasse Highway, stop by the office for a quick, free quote on homeowner's or flood insurance protection for your home or business.
“The quotes and the coffee are always free!”

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Belle Chasse Homeowners Insurance
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If you are considering relocating to the New Orleans area,
Belle Chasse Welcomes You!

Here is some information about the town of Belle Chasse that will acquaint you with one of the most friendly, interesting and charming communities in the entire New Orleans Metropolitan area.

By the way, although flood insurance is required for mortgaged homes and businesses in Belle Chasse, as it is for all mortgaged structures in the New Orleans Metropolitan area, Belle Chasse is NOT below sea level as are many parts of New Orleans. With an elevation of 7 feet above sea level, Belle Chasse has one of the highest elevations of any New Orleans area community south of Lake Pontchartrain. This is a significant benefit when determining your flood insurance rates.

Belle Chasse is a great place to live and raise a family!

Belle Chasse is a small town with a relaxing lifestyle within the hustle and bustle of a major metropolitan area. Located just 6 miles from downtown New Orleans, Belle Chasse is far removed from the fast paced urban lifestyle and tourism of the city. Just a 20 minute ride from the French Quarter, Belle Chasse sits on the edge of Louisiana's largest, yet most isolated parish. Better known for it's legendary seafood and citrus farms than crowds and over development, Plaquemines Parish holds on to it's reputation as the most unique of the 7 parishes that make up the New Orleans Metropolitan area.

For a small town, Belle Chasse has big credentials! Belle Chasse is the gateway to America's largest offshore oil and gas producing region, America's second largest seafood producing region and the home of one of the largest military installations in Louisiana. It is also home to a 27 hole public golf complex and one of the highest median incomes in Louisiana.
A view near Belle Chasse, Louisiana
Meaning literally "beautiful hunting" in French, it is widely believed that Belle Chasse was so named due to the richness of wildlife in the area. Today there is still plenty of land suitable for hunting in Plaquemines Parish, just down river from Belle Chasse. To the lucky residents that call Belle Chasse home the "Belle" or "beautiful" still applies.

Belle Chasse is home to the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base of New Orleans, a Naval Air Station for the U. S. Navy Reserve. The military base and airfield provide high quality training for active-duty and reserve components of all branches of the armed services. It is home to various naval air units as well as an Air Force Reserve fighter squadron and a Marine Corps Reserve helicopter unit. It is well known to residents of the New Orleans area for its impressive air shows. Belle Chasse is also home to the Louisiana Air National Guard.

Some Interesting Belle Chasse Statistics

Located in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, Belle Chasse is the largest town in the parish with a population of 12,679 according to the 2010 census. Belle Chasse has experienced healthy, robust growth with new subdivisions and developments that grew the population by 34.7% over the 2000 census.

As of the 2010 census, there were 3,800 households in Belle Chasse and 3,422 families, The median household income in Belle Chasse was $52,064, just above the national average and well above the average for the New Orleans Metropolitan area! The Median Home Price was $236,000 in 2015.


How to get to Belle Chasse

The town of Belle Chasse is part of the Greater New Orleans Metropolitan area. Belle Chasse is located on the West Bank of the Mississippi River and easily accessible from downtown New Orleans via the Crescent City Connection (formerly the Greater New Orleans Bridge) that spans the Mississippi River. Once you cross the bridge, simply stay on the raised highway known as the Westbank Expressway (US Hwy 90) for approximately 2 miles and exit the Lafayette Street off ramp. As you exit the Westbank Expressway, turn left and head south on Lafayette Street. Stay on the main road and in 5 blocks Lafayette Street becomes the Belle Chasse Highway. Just follow the Belle Chasse Highway for about 2.5 miles and you will arrive in the town of Belle Chasse.
NOTE: On the way, you will pass the Bowles Insurance Agency located at 2804 Belle Chasse Hwy!

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Our office hours are 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.


More about Plaquemines Parish

Belle Chasse is the gateway to Plaquemines Parish, the southernmost parish in Louisiana and the last parish on the Mississippi River. To be any further south in the continental United States you would have to be in Texas or Florida!

Plaquemines Parish is exceptionally rich in natural resources which are the basis for it's healthy economy. Plaquemines Parish is the largest crude oil producing parish in Louisiana and a major base of operations for the massive Louisiana offshore oil and gas industry, the largest in the country. Plaquemines Port, which handles mostly domestic traffic for the offshore oil and gas industry, is one of the largest ports in the United States. Plaquemines Parish is also the home of several oil refineries that provide more well paying jobs to the local economy.
Bowles Insurance Agency provides homeowners insurance and flood insurance to the residents of Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana
Plaquemines Parish is synonymous with fresh Louisiana seafood. The parish annually exports millions of pounds of shrimp, crabs, oysters and fish annually. The Plaquemines Parish Seafood Festival is renowned as one of the best seafood festivals in Louisiana. Held each May in Belle Chasse, the festival celebrates the rich heritage of the people of Plaquemines Parish with great local seafood and cuisine, live music from popular local bands and traditional Cajun musicians, arts and crafts from local artists and artisans, carnival rides and of course the Seafood Queen Pageant.

Plaquemines Parish also has a strong citrus industry. The Louisiana satsuma, famous for its natural sweetness, is grown on citrus farms along the Mississippi River down river from Belle Chasse. As the parish furthest south in Louisiana, Plaquemines Parish also has the mildest winters, ideal for growing satsumas. The naturally rich delta soil produces superior tasting satsumas. The same rich soil has also made Plaquemines Parish famous for the production of “Creole tomatoes”. Lovers of these exceptionally good tasting satsumas and tomatoes come to Belle Chasse from all over the New Orleans area to purchase bags and baskets of locally grown fruits and vegetables at produce stands such as Johnny Becnel’s Produce Stand. Famous for its locally grown tomatoes and satsumas, Becnel's has become a New Orleans area landmark.


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