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At Bowles & Associates, Inc. we’re ready to help you get your claim settled quickly and fairly. When you have a claim, you should first protect life and property and take any steps you can to prevent further damage, then call Bowles & Associates, Inc.

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Loss Notice Forms

In the event of a loss, click the button below to print a Loss Notice Form.

Important Instructions

Before reporting a claim regarding property loss or damage, please read the following guidelines to make sure you take important steps to protect your property from further damage.

Burglary or Vandalism Loss
No burglary or vandalism claim can be paid without a police report or police report item number.

Property Loss
You should take steps to ensure the safety of life and property and prevent further damage. Beyond that, don’t try and deal with the damage yourself, or it could make your claim difficult to process.

Water Damage
Call a service specializing in water damage to carpets and padding. Many people remove the carpets and padding immediately, but the carpet frequently can be saved if removed by an experienced professional.

Fire Damage
Do not try and clean up the smoke damage after a grease fire. Many people do more damage to the walls cleaning up than the fire does. consult with your contractor or a professional cleaning service before beginning clean up to walls.

Broken Pipes
Call a plumber to determine the location and cause of the damage.

Loss Notice Forms

All Loss Notice Forms listed below are PDF files. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to see PDF files. You must have the Newest Version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to fill out PDF forms on your computer. Click Here to download it free from Adobe.

Please email completed forms to
Derek Bowles at:

Property Loss Notice

General Liability Loss Notice

Workers Compensation
First Report of Injury or Illness

For additional Loss Notice forms please contact our office.

For Emergency Claim Numbers
and 24 Hour/Direct Claim Reporting