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New Orleans Commercial Property Insurance

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When a disaster strikes your New Orleans area business, you need more than just insurance, you need personalized help that only local commercial insurance specialists with decades of experience can provide. The Bowles family has been committed to helping businesses in the New Orleans area recover from disasters from fires to hurricanes for two generations and over 20 years.

Bowles & Associates, Inc. specializes in providing Commercial Insurance to New Orleans area businesses. They are especially knowledgeable of Commercial Property Insurance coverage having served their business clients with hard work and dedication following Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the worst natural disaster to ever hit the United States.

Commercial Property Insurance protects the physical assets of your business from buildings to office furnishings. It is one of the most important insurance coverages that any business can have and can protect your business from minor losses as well as major disasters. Some of the various perils that commercial Property Insurance protects your business from are: fire, storms and hurricanes, hail damage, theft, burglary, and even broken water pipes.

Bowles & Associates specializes in Commercial Insurance!

What ever the type or size of your business, Bowles and Associates, Inc. can help you save time and money when shopping for the best insurance coverage.  Call Derek Bowles today for a free quote at: (504) 362-0922 or REQUEST A QUOTE ONLINE

Protecting Your Physical Assets

Some of the physical assets that commercial Property Insurance protects includes: Buildings and Structures, Inventory, Machinery, Raw Materials, Computers, Office Furnishings, Fixtures, Outdoor Signs, Fences, Landscaping, and many other items and building contents vital to the operation of your business.

Commercial Property Insurance can include coverage of damage to rental or leased property such as buildings or offices used by your business and even rented or leased equipment and machinery. It can also help protect your business from claims of damage to your neighbor’s property and physical assets.

Commercial Property Insurance can even include an option that can help replace lost income when your business operations are suspended and you cannot operate due to a covered loss.

Customized Policies

The Commercial Insurance Specialists at Bowles & Associates, Inc. understand that every business is unique with different properties and physical assets. We also understand that every business is constantly changing. We can custom tailor a Commercial Property Insurance policy that best covers your business’s property and assets and work with you to make sure your business coverage is current and thorough.

In the event of a disaster, loss or damage to your business property or physical assets, Bowles & Associates, Inc. has the team and the experience to expedite your claim and get your business up and running again as quickly as possible!


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