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Homeowner’s and Flood
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The Bowles & Associates Insurance Agency is located in Gretna, Louisiana. The agency has been located at its present location at 2804 Belle Chasse Highway in Gretna since 1999. Bowles & Associates, Inc. is committed to the future of Gretna and the Westbank. We provide homeowner's and flood insurance to homeowners in Gretna, Belle Chasse and throughout the Westbank of Jefferson, Orleans and Plaquemines parishes.

Are you a Gretna or West Bank Homeowner and Paying Too Much for Homeowner's Insurance?
Bowles and Associates, Inc. saves homeowners in Gretna and throughout the West Bank money on their homeowner's insurance! We service Gretna, Terrytown, Timberlane, Woodmere, Belle Chasse, Algiers, Marrero, Harvey, Westwego, Jean Lafitte and all West Bank communities.

Are you are a Gretna or West Bank Homeowner and Tired of 3% to 5% Wind/Hail Deductibles?
Bowles and Associates, Inc. has the ability to offer Gretna and West Bank homeowners a flat $1,000 deductible in lieu of 3% to 5% Wind/Hail or Named Storm Deductibles!

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Gretna and West Bank Homeowners!
If you are a homeowner in Gretna or any of the West Bank communities of Jefferson, Orleans or Plaquemines parishes, Bowles Insurance Agency can save you money on your homeowner’s insurance.
We are conveniently located at 2804 Belle Chasse Hwy. in Gretna, Louisiana. The next time you are traveling down the Belle Chasse Highway, stop by the office for a quick, free quote on homeowners or flood insurance.
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Homeowners insurance in Gretna, Louisiana
Flood Insurance in Gretna, Louisiana

The City of Gretna

Gretna, Louisiana is not just another small town on the Mississippi River. Reaching from the muddy banks of the Mississippi River to the elegant fairways of Timberlane Country Club, Gretna is a diverse community of old and new.

Located just across the Mississippi River from the New Orleans Garden District, the City of Gretna is the largest city on the Westbank of the Mississippi River in Louisiana. With a population of 17,736 as of the 2010 census, Gretna is the second largest city in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana (Kenner is the largest). Gretna is also the parish seat of Jefferson Parish, the second most populous parish in Louisiana (East Baton Rouge Parish is first and Orleans Parish is third!).

A Little Gretna History
Crescent City Connection connects New Orleans and Gretna, Louisiana
Settled in 1836, Gretna began as a railroad station and a ferry dock where passengers and goods heading west would begin their journey by crossing the Mississippi River from New Orleans by ferry to what is now Gretna. Surrounded by vegetable farms and dairies, and with ship building industries on the river, Gretna quickly grew into a bustling community.

By 1845 Gretna had become a manufacturing town with steam sawmills, brickyards, a foundry, blacksmith and coppersmith shops, a carriage factory, and even a china painting and gilding business. By the 1890s Gretna had become the center of cypress lumber production in the New Orleans area and home to the Louisiana Cypress Lumber Company. Gretna had by then three large oil mills (the precursor to modern oil refineries), as well as several brick and cooperage manufacturers. In 1884 Gretna was named the parish seat of Jefferson Parish and was incorporated as the City of Gretna in 1913.

The name Gretna was first used in 1838. How Gretna got its name is uncertain. However there was a popular play performed at the Saint Charles and American Theaters in New Orleans from 1837 to 1847 entitled Gretna Green. The play was about a town in Scotland near the border with England that was known as a place for elopers from England to go and be married. Coincidentally, during this time, there was a judge in what is now Gretna, Louisiana that also had a reputation for marrying elopers from across the river in New Orleans. Located on the banks of the Mississippi, America's most romantic river, directly across the river from New Orleans, America's most romantic city, it's as good a story as any for a city such as Gretna to have a name with such romantic origins.

The Gretna Heritage Festival
One of the most dynamic music festivals in Louisiana, the Gretna Heritage Festival brings big name entertainment to a small town. Encompassing 25 city blocks in the center of Gretna, this award winning cultural festival promotes and supports businesses and organizations in the City of Gretna as well as supporting many local, state, and national charitable organizations. The Gretna Heritage Festival is one of the largest festivals in Jefferson Parish and has received awards and accolades from the Southeastern Tourism Society, the American Bus Association and the American Automobile Association.
The festival features seven music stages with performances by nationally and internationally known recording artists as well as Louisiana's favorite music performers. The festival offers food and cuisine from just about every culture found in Louisiana. There is also plenty of arts and crafts, rides, entertainment and games for children and adults.
For more information about the Gretna Heritage Festival visit:


Notable Gretna Celebrities
For a small town, Gretna, Louisiana has been the home or birthplace of quite a few notable celebrities.
These include:
~ 7 professional ball players including former New Orleans Saints quarterback John Fourcade, baseball Hall of Fame inductee Mel Ott and former NBA player Greg Monroe.
~ Numerous acclaimed recording artists including the early jazz great Emmett Hardy and rock and roll star Frankie Ford.
~ At least 2 professional actors including Western film actor Lash LaRue and actor and comedian Roy Haylock.
~ A Roman Catholic bishop, Monsignor Stanley Joseph Ott.
~ Physician, philanthropist and owner of Pelican Publishing Company in Gretna, Milburn E. Calhoun.
~ A number of notable politicians including United States district court judge Frederick Heebe.
~ Former deputy chief of staff for the Republic of Vietnam Navy, Kiem Do also has made Gretna his home.
~ And the most famous name associated with Gretna is:
Zatarain's! The famous spice maker was founded in Gretna in 1889.


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